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Batik Cotton Cosmetic Travel Bags (Set of 3)
Batik Cotton Cosmetic Travel Bags (Set of 3)

Batik Cotton Cosmetic Travel Bags (Set of 3)

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Java's Wahyu Sulistiani designs a versatile travel set that includes a jewelry roll, a cosmetics bag and a toiletry bag. Working with batik techniques on cotton, Sulistiani selects the parang sekar pisang motif in a palette of red, blue, green and cream hues. The parang sekar pisang blends two legendary motifs, the parang or dagger, once reserved for Javanese sultans, and the sekar pisang or banana flower.

The jewelry roll is decorated with tassels; the cosmetics bag features two pockets, and the toiletries bag has one.

  • 100% cotton with nylon lining
  • 0.22 kg
  • Smallest Piece: 10 cm H x 19 cm W x 2 cm D
  • Largest Piece: 12 cm H x 20 cm W x 5 cm D

Brought to you in partnership with NOVICA, our global artisan partner


Artisan Organization: Wahyu Sulistiani

Country: Bali and Java

"People know me as someone who is always keen to learn new things and new techniques. I was born in 1973 in East Java and I come from a loving family who taught me that I must work hard if I want to succeed in life. Now I'm married and we have a lovely daughter.

"In 2000, after graduating from high school, I worked at a hotel in Singaraja for a couple of years. Still trying to look for a better life, I moved to Denpasar where I met Ms. Yumiko, a featured artisan, and I began to work at her batik workshop.

"I wasn't only working, I was also learning how to make top quality batik, as well as how to contact suppliers and how to sell. One of my greatest learning experiences was when Ms. Yumiko received a large order through you. We had to apply ourselves, be smart, calculate pricing and time. We got to know what we were capable of achieving considering the time we had to complete the order!

"I was so happy when we received this order though, because it meant a good financial bonus to take home for my family.

"Now I have my own small batik workshop, where I specialize in handbags, cushion covers and table runners. I detail them with beads like Ms. Yumiko taught me.

"My inspiration comes from many sources, including shopper's comments, magazines, fabrics, and websites. However I don't copy what I see – it inspires me to create something new and original while keeping it trendy. My designs might take longer to finish because of the hand-sewn beaded details, but I am always satisfied with the end result.

"I hope that by working with you, I can improve our family's quality life and provide my daughter with a better education.""

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