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Wayan Agus Satya Putra

Artisan Organization: Wayan Agus Satya Putra

Country: Bali & Java

"I was born in Mas-Ubud, a village renowned for sculptures of refined artistry and quality. Practically everybody there had dedicated their lives to sculpting. Growing up in this village has definitely influenced my life.

"I learned to sculpt from my father, I Ketut Sumatra, who is well-known for his sculptures. Father not only taught me how to carve, he also taught me the meaning behind making a sculpture, the virtue of patience and being thorough, and to enjoy every process involved. This is how we handcraft a work of high quality that can be admired by many.

"You could say I'm friendly, charming, and hardworking. I was born to a great family and since my father was a well-known artist we were well-provided for. Plus, he was able to offer work to other carvers in the village. He sold many sculptures overseas but unfortunately, one day in 1997, a person who placed a large order never paid my father even after receiving them all.

"This practically bankrupted my father and he was forced to let go of the other artisans. Being in a dire financial situation, I decided that since I'm the eldest child I had to find a way to help out. My plan was to find a job somewhere and make enough money to revive father's workshop.

"For seven years I worked as a bartender on a cruise ship, far from the family I love. I faced many difficulties in pursuit of my dream, and I made it! I returned home to revive my father's work as a sculptor. I haven't married yet, since I want to focus on my dream and make my family happy.

"I also want to restore my village's fame as a 'sculpting village.' I'm excited to start this new venture together with my father, and we've been able to recall the artisans who once worked with him. They are very loyal to my father since they apprenticed with him, so they were happy to return.

"Every stage of the sculpting process is so interesting. Inspiration comes from nature and all that surrounds us and, once we get an idea, we select the proper wood, a process that is very detailed. Each step must be endured with patience and sculpting should be enjoyed. Fabulous! It's amazing. Especially now, because we can share this feeling with the artisans who work with us. Plus, we are providing better for our respective families. This makes me so happy.

"I've known about you since 2008 but back, then we weren't in a position to join. It's taken us about three years to be able to offer you something real. Today, we're one step closer to making my dream come true. Father's work will be known again, as well as that of the artisans in our team.""