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TradeAID International

Artisan Organization: TradeAID International

Country: Bolgatanga, Ghana

Straw basket weaving is a common trade in Northern Ghana, especially in the Upper East Region, where mostly women execute this incredible craft. The Bolga Market Baskets utilize a very intricate process to complete and can take up to 7 days to finish!

However, the story of Akugre Alebipoorum, one of TradeAID’s weavers, who is in her late sixties in Sumbrungu, a suburb of Bolgatanga, is a unique one. Akugre has used straw to weave baskets for the past 20 years to achieve her goal to earn an income to take care of herself and her family. She said she is thankful to TradeAID for creating a weaving center where she and her fellow weavers can now sit and do their weaving comfortably. Also, with the introduction of Fair Trade payments, she is now able to save some money in the rural bank to enable her to pay her children’s school fees, unlike how she was previously doing it - from hand to month.

She says her dream came true because basket weaving with TradeAID has changed her life and the lives of the other women in her community. Working with Globeln enables her to continue to provide food for her children and meet all of her other needs. 

Akugre loved seeing her photo (with the basket she made!) so much that she asked our photographer to get a physical copy for herself, which he did.