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Strong Cerame - Hmed Zarkane

Artisan Organization: Strong Cerame - Hmed Zarkane

Country: Morocco

Hmed Zarkane is happy to share his latest product with you, the [Ceramic Top Beldi Glass Container in both Short and Tall]. Made with Mother Earth in mind, the glass portion of the containers is made with recycled glass. Every day, two tonnes of glass waste is collected and remelted in an oven heated to around 1600 degrees Celsius. Master artisans use a combination of blowing methods and iron molds to form each glass, which is finally put in an annealing oven for three hours to set the final product.

Hmed Zarkane began his artisan journey 16 years ago, where he worked for a local master artisan at the age of 17. After four years of apprenticeship, Hmed took a big leap to move to Marrakech to begin working for the highly regarded Khaloufi Abdeslam. Abdeslam has since considered Hmed to be a very skilled, patient, respectful, and well-respected artisan in the workshop. He is behind painting all of the beautiful products and enjoys painting GlobeIn’s products because of the new designs he gets to try out and seeing the new design ideas that come to life in the workshop. Thanks Hmed for bringing these adorable [Ceramic Top Beldi Containers] into our homes!