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Shubhavel Textiles

Artisan Organization: Shubhavel Textiles

Country: India

Meet K. Janakiyamma, the artisan behind your new cozy Waffle Robe in Blue. Janakiyamma hails from the Vengamedu region in South India - known to be the weavers’ community throughout the country. Janakiyamma’s skill for the meticulous handloom to create textiles makes her and her artisan group one of the most sought after groups in the region. Her artisan group, composed of 5 women, is in charge of the preparatory process like yarn preparation, yarn winding, yarn warping, and fabric preparation, all handmade from scratch on the handloom!

Janakiyamma likes to keep her private life simple as opposed to her complex handloom weaving art. She is happily married with two children, both of whom she’s had the pleasure of sending to university. Now that her children are away at university, she finds pleasure in cooking delicious country-style Indian food and serving her children when they return home from time to time. She’s also picked up reading story books to relax during the evenings. Now that she’s happily taken charge of leading and managing her life, Janakiyamma says that she’s “feeling pretty good now” about life. [Thank you Jannakiyamma for helping us feel good now with our new, cozy Waffle Robe!]