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Nyoman Sukra

Artisan Organization: Nyoman Sukra

Country: Bali & Java

"Environmental influences made me an expert in sculpting from the time I was 11 years old. When I was growing up, I started working in a paper recycling center and processing it into handicrafts.

"I'm from Ubud in Bali. Ubud has long been known as an art village and many famous painters and sculptors came from here. Most of the population works in the tourism sector.

"Surrounding my village are rice fields with beautiful scenery. My father and mother are farmers who are determined to support their five children. Since childhood, I've been accustomed to living independently.

"Working in a field that cares about the environment led me to pursue woodworking, which is what I'm currently doing. Recycling wood scraps into new wood designs is my focus. The reclaimed wood I use is also easy to find. I feel that I can excel in this work because repurposing wood waste is my effort to tread lightly on the environment.

"As a person of a firm nature, I always try to discipline myself, and I'm very grateful for all my achievements in life. My discipline in my work results in satisfaction from my customers because I can complete everything on time. I never give up on the problems I experience in this life. Trying new things is a principle I live by because I believe that nothing lasts forever in this world except change.""