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Noah's Ark - Vipin Sharma

Artisan Organization: Noah's Ark - Vipin Sharma

Country: India

Meet Vipin Sharma, the master artisan behind your whimsical and petite [1-Minute Handmade Hourglass]. Vipin became an established master artisan after joining Noah’s Ark 9 years ago and has become an expert developing complex samples. Since then, he’s created his own workshop with two other artisans and continues to help develop new products for Noah’s Ark. Vipin likes to travel when he takes a vacation and often goes for long walks to explore and experience the beauty of nature, which is where he gets most of his inspiration when developing new products to test.

Vipin chooses to be the sole breadwinner in his family so he may support his wife and two children in their dreams. His primary wish is to provide quality education for his children and aspires to showcase his skills to help his hometown of Roorkee reach recognition. He believes that being a craftsman has elevated his artistic skills to a completely different level. Vipin’s son recently started showing interest in his father’s craft and wishes to learn more about it and practice it -- which Vipin is very excited about! Thank you Vipin for sharing your love for the craft and bringing the [1-Minute Handmade Hourglass] into our homes!