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Mi Esperanza Token Pendant Necklace

Artisan Organization: Tribe Alive 

Country: Honduras

Elegant yet laid back, your necklace results from a cascade of life-altering events for its maker Denia. As a child, Denia was diagnosed with a life-threatening heart condition that local medical missionaries were unable to contend with. In fact, it took two volunteers from the States and a world-renowned cardiac surgeon to complete the procedure that, years later, saved her.

Feeling deeply called to help their new friend, volunteers Alan and Julie tracked down the surgeon and then welcomed Denia into their Florida home during her six-month recovery. While in Florida, Denia discovered Julie’s art studio and learned from her how to make and sell jewelry for a living. Upon her return to Honduras, Denia and her family relocated to the city of Santa Ana to work full-time with the artisan collective Mi Esperanza. Minimal yet romantic, this fine token of brass is a token of hope that lies close to the heart.