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Lorena Urzua

Artisan Organization: Lorena Urzua

Country: Mexico

"Hello, I'm Lorena Urzua. My thing is art. "My interest in art started at a very young age. I studied for a Bachelor of Graphic Design, I took art classes in Chihuahua, and in CDMX I learned the sublimation technique.

"The works that I create, first of all, make your eyes happy, because they are very beautiful and have a cultural contribution. It is the departure from this earthly world represented in a colorful and harmonious visual environment, conveying the traditional and colorful Mexican festivals. Reading the messages and stories of the works is an invitation to reflect, question the path you take, your attitude and the way you see life. Sometimes I find it challenging; it is a good way to convey emotions. Sometimes I can go a bit more realistic; it takes me a bit of work to not be so literal and go into surrealism.

"I have always had the intention of learning, for my brand to grow and become stronger, for my products to be found in the main tourist spots in Mexico and also to export to other countries.

"Among the materials I use are oils, watercolors, acrylics and gouache. It is very interesting to be able to convey a fascinating encounter with mixing colors, rubbing the brush against the canvas, creating textures and gradients.

"It has been difficult to start working on my own. I could not find a job due to rheumatoid arthritis, a disease I have suffered from since I was 10 years old. I am currently in a wheelchair; however, I am proud to be able to get ahead and see the acceptance that my work has had. I also decided to learn finance and administration, since it is important to know the entire market to give it the value that your work deserves. My works are accompanied by small writings, some of them mine, as well as reflections and phrases and even poetry of contemporary and pre-Hispanic writers.

"I am currently developing my own brand that has products for daily use with reproductions of my works; in some of which I seek to work with different Mexican writers to promote artistic dissemination.""