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Liem Hauw

Artisan Organization: Liem Hauw

Country: Java

"My name is Liem Hauw and I was born on August 31, 1969 in Java. I started to work in 1995 after university, in some residential projects and hotels. I began by opening an art workshop in Bali. I work with textiles made from natural materials such as fragrant root, sea grass, water hyacinth, and many others. Maybe God had planned this way of life for me. My works became recognized and I started to make on my own curtains, blinds, floor mats, mosquito nets, cushions, table runners, etc. Now I also craft frames, vases, baskets, and lamps by weaving banana bark, sea grass, and other natural fibers. I work in metal as well.

"We work as a team consisting of seven people working actively, as well as my wife and a few more people from my neighborhood. Our products have been recognized in the USA, Europe, Australia, Japan, and South Africa. I keep thinking about expanding my work by creating new designs.""