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La Verre Beldi

Artisan Organization: La Verre Beldi

Country: Morocco

Your Beldi Drinking Glasses in Adelaide starts its long journey to you as recycled glass collected throughout Morocco. Le Verre Beldi in Marrakech is the last artisanal, hand blown glass workshop in Morocco. Here, this traditional art form has been revived with sustainable methods. Every day, two tonnes of glass waste are collected and remelted in an oven heated to around 1600 degrees Celsius. Artisans then use a combination of blowing methods and iron moulds to form each glass, which is finally put in an annealing oven for three hours.

One of the talented artisans who made your glasses is Abdellah. He started learning about handblowing glassware in 1986, and has worked in multiple cities for different companies before finding his current home at La Verre Beldi. Due to his lengthy experience, Abdellah is considered to be one of the best glass blowers in the workshop. He’s become well respected and respected by his colleagues and continues to be a prime example of an incredibly hardworking person who loves his craft. Thank you Abdellah for bringing these beldi drinking glasses into our homes.