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Ketut Adimasta

Artisan Organization: Ketut Adimasta

Country: Bali and Java

"I was born in Celuk in 1972. As a Celuk citizen, my father was a silver craftsman who has been dealing with silver and gold for years. And my mother was a school teacher and also supported my father. I started to learn how to process silver when I was in primary school. I still remember that after coming home from school I helped my father with silver. He told me to finish what I was doing, and then reward me with something I wanted. That taught me to work to get what I want.

"Like other Balinese children, I finished my education in Bali, and I even got my architecture degree at Udayana University, Bali. After getting my degree I worked as an architect at first, but I did not leave the silver. I still learned to work with silver, because I love it. And after a while, I decided to focus on my silver at the age of 27. Since then I have made many great jewelry designs. I love the art of making silver because I am able to express the artistic legacy which runs in my family. I feel like I carry on my family way of living.

"I am married now, to a very beautiful lady that holds half of my heart. And thank God, we’ve been blessed with three children; all are boys. Being a parent is the best experience of my life. I am very thankful for what I have now-- my family, my silver work. My children and my wife are the sources of my inspiration and the reason for me to live.

"In the silver workshop, I am not alone. I have 35 male helpers and 10 female helpers. I arrange for them to work based on their skills and capability. For the designs, I do all of them by myself, with the help of my wife. The inspiration is based on what we see every day. With silver as the main material, we combine it with gemstones sometimes, and also pearls.

"My wife is the one who introduced me to Novica, as her relative was already partnering with them. And by doing this, I hope I can be a good partner to Novica. I wish my works to be known internationally." "