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Elva Florez

Artisan Organization: Elva Florez

Country: Peru

"I'm passionate about my art. It's incredible what you can achieve when you find your real passion.

"Although I was born and raised in the capital, my brother and I lived in Cuzco for a while. It's a great city for walking, and we loved to visit the ceramic shops and fairs. Living there was very inspiring, its magic is captivating.

"Our cultural legacy is thousands of years old and filled with colors. This has always attracted me.

"When we were children, my brother and I played with our school supplies, transforming them into 'art.' I especially liked playing with modeling clay. I learned that it's a very noble material which is easy to work with. This eventually led me to the ceramic arts.

"My creations are inspired by the Ayacucho retablos, which are decorative dioramas with hand-modeled figures in bright and neon colors.

"When I paint our ceramics by hand, my feelings burst into color. I love this work so much! It's simply amazing what a person can achieve when we find our true passion. There's nothing like it.

"My life hasn't always been easy, though. My father died when my daughters were very young. It was so hard to visit him, as I had to work and also take care of my girls. But in the end, it made me a stronger woman and I didn't give up. No, I faced it all with a positive attitude my head held high.

"My ceramics are very unique. What really makes them stand out are the vibrant colors I use. I'm proud to share them with the world.""