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Edith Orozco

Artisan Organization: Edith Orozco

Country: Mexico

“I am Edith Orozco. I come from a family that has been dedicated to crafts for more than 35 years. I am the second generation of artisans. My mother taught me more than 30 years ago; and I always lived my childhood among molds, paper and paint. Years later at the University I learned to give it a new approach and generate a product with design. I then imparted my knowledge by teaching design students for 8 years, teaching them the familiar techniques.

“The materials I work with are paper paste, paints and very perfectionistic hands. I love working with paper. It turns out to be a very variable material, because it seems fragile, but if we work with a lot of quantity it is stronger. The result is not merely small pieces, but portable sculptures, hearts that represent everyday but unique moments. It is like carrying a work of art close to the heart. They become part of wonderful people who buy what we do with their hands, and this idea inspires me to always work my pieces with love.

“Starting my own company has been natural. For a long time I worked with my family; however, at the moment I work with friends that I consider family. I am the only one who designs, but I always take into consideration the opinion and proposals of my work team. We have found already-manufactured materials that have made the processes easier for us; previously I made the paste for the pieces myself. Sometimes we also make various designs that we transform from recovered materials such as the cardboard centers of paper rolls or adhesive tape.

“I would like to be the best example for my daughter, and for other women who want to be entrepreneurs.”"