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Dewa Brother

Artisan Organization: Dewa Brother

Country: Bali & Java

"Dewa Brother is the name of our artisans’ group, since both of us are named Dewa. I am I Dewa Gde Oka Wiandnyana, and my partner is I Dewa Gede Okta Witama Putra. We are friends from a long time ago. And we decided to make a business together. We both agree on using natural materials, since the earth is full of plastic and everything else. So we decided to use more earth-friendly materials.

"Our mission is to produce high quality products using natural materials, and it is also our attempt to preserve nature. My friend Dewa asked if I could promote our works overseas and suggest awareness to other people while we also build our business.

"The material we used is water hyacinth reeds from Borneo (Indonesian people call it Kalimantan). And the motifs are also inspired by Kalimantan culture, with a touch of batik.

"When our friends told us about Novica and stated that it was a good way to promote our works, we contacted them. They gave us the insight that many people like the idea of using natural materials as a way of raising awareness about nature.

"That made us happy and sure about going forward in this business, even though we first have to put up a lot of money to get started. But we are certain that this business is not just about making money, but also to raise awareness around the globe. I hope together we can make the world a better place." "