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Daniel Piceno

Artisan Organization: Daniel Piceno

Country: Mexico

"Hello! I am Daniel Piceno. Everything that can reduce the carbon footprint should interest us. During my studies, a great teacher inspired me with ecological ideas, so I decided to develop my company and its concept. The objective: to generate an environmental impact. I started to develop some products, and after many formulations, changes, measurements and prototypes, we managed to have extraordinary pieces and acquire mastery.

"What makes our work different is the reuse of solid waste. Instead of cutting down trees, we create pencils with the waste. They could be considered garbage, but when recycled, they are transformed into writing instruments. They do not generate any damage to the planet, and reduce plastic by 90%.

"The transformation and handling of these materials is not complicated, but it is very laborious to achieve a high quality. In addition to the ecological impact and the artisanal elaboration, they manage to connect with Mexico and its culture, thanks to the artistic nature of the designs.

"What I love the most of what I do, in addition to making our beautiful country known, is seeing the reaction of people when they see our pieces--hearing a "wow" caused by the surprise when they see our work. They never imagine that when they open a box of colored pencils, they will find magic and great benefits that it brings to our planet. Our clients show us their happiness and gratitude when they know our work. All this has been an extreme sport and a roller coaster full of adrenaline, since the results only depend on me. But without a doubt, the biggest reward is knowing the impact it has on our planet and those who inhabit it.

"Finally, I sought to generate a team with people who coincide in connecting with our clients from the human side and consciousness. It is for me a fundamental parameter, so that in this way, we live a philosophy of life that connects what you say and do. In addition, I want to leave a mark that carries a message of inspiration to other artists to undertake, create and develop art to connect with the world.""