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Coco Enriquez

Artisan Organization: Coco Enriquez

Country: Central America

"My name is Rodrigo Enríquez, but many know me as ‘Coco’. I was born in Guatemala City in 1978. I am dedicated to making wood products.

"I worked for many years in a company that sold living rooms for the home. With all the competition and other factors, we began to devise a way to innovate. I always liked drawing, and I started to design. At that moment I realized how much I was passionate about this art; it was part of me, and everything flowed in the best way. I was in the carpentry shop all day, and little by little I began to create new pieces. However, unfortunately the business no longer prospered due to the financial crisis in the United States. There was a staff cut, and I was out of work.

"My clients kept looking for me, which gave me the opportunity to continue making pieces in my own way. Many jobs came, and I became more and more passionate about the art. I got more into the world of style and I was able to discover many more things. That allowed me to provide work for many other carpenters and craftsmen.

"A few years ago I had a small accident in the workshop, which marked my life completely. I cut three fingers, of which two did not regain adequate movement. As a result of this, I started buying hand tools. I began to better understand the wood, every inch of the grain, how to cut them to keep their pattern, and other things that I was even more passionate about.

"For 3 years I have dedicated myself to the elaboration of tableware for the presentation of food. I began to investigate night and day the best way to work them, from the selection of the woods, to cutting, sanding, design and finishing to be able to always provide customers with a quality product.

"I love being a full-time dad; I have 3 daughters, and they are the main reason I continue working. They accompany me to work in the workshop, and they are happy because they are fascinated by what I do. One of them already said, ‘I want to be a carpenter when I grow up’. This motivates me even more to be better, not only for my clients, but also to be an example to my daughters that with struggle and perseverance they can achieve the goals they set.

"In your hands you will have a piece of nature, which is complemented with the art of carpentry, fused together and thus forming a work of art where my dedication and passion are reflected." "