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Candra Suwitra

Artisan Organization: Candra Suwitra

Country: Bali and Java

"My name is Candra Suwitra. I was born in Gianyar, in the village of Kemenuh. Kemenuh is a village that has good potential in the fields of art and natural beauty. I was born to parents who are sculptors, and I would often see the activities carried out by my parents. I was interested in pursuing this art because I think there are not many young people today who are interested in this field. Currently, I am still studying at a private university in Denpasar. In my opinion, academic education is still important to continue even though I have been able to find my passion.

"In the process of making these sculptures, my designs are mainly inspired by animals. However, it is undeniable that in the future I will develop my sources of inspiration. All the tools and materials used in the process of making my craft are easy to obtain. I feel like I'm participating in preserving sculpture because now all crafts can be produced by machines. The special feature of the pieces that I produce is that they are unique and not easy to find in the market.

"I heard about Novica from my parents and those closest to me who had joined Novica. I hope that someday I can lighten the burden of my parents, and be able to support my own life independently." "