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Apolonio Alejandro Roque

Artisan Organization: Apolonio Alejandro Roque

Country: Peru

The son of artisans who crafted hats from alpaca wool, Apolonio Alejandro Roque was born on February 25. The family moved to the capital when he was eight, and his older brother found work painting glass, a craft he taught Apolonio when the younger of the siblings was only ten. Over the years, Apolonio decided that art was his destiny, and he entered the prestigious School of Fine Arts to improve his technique and learn more about his chosen field – colonial art.

At the age of 20, Roque opened his own studio where he paints colonial images on products that range from coasters to six-foot tall mirrors. He married his wife Elena when he was 27 and they have two sons.

The quality of his art and his years of experience have led him to design beautiful works, prized by connoisseurs all over the world. He feels happy when working and the hours slip away unnoticed, as he becomes absorbed in colors and forms. "I've never thought of doing anything else, not even when things were very bad," he confides. "Elena and I have always come through together.""