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Alberto Aparicio Canchari

Artisan Organization: Alberto Aparicio Canchari

Country: Peru

Alberto Aparicio Canchari was born in Ayacucho in 1965. A dedicated ceramist, he is inspired by the customs and beliefs of Andean villages. His workshop seems inhabited by half-finished creatures, waiting for him to give them the breath of life.

"I've been a ceramist since I was a child, as my parents taught me the craft. Later, I tried to develop my own pieces with a personal style. My main purpose is giving life to my creations, and I've achieved this through the expressions of their faces, aiming to reflect daily attitudes, Peruvian country scenes, even protests — and I'm satisfied and content. In the workshop I work full-time with my wife.

"Most of our ceramics are hand-molded, as only the weight of the hand can give the right shape. We use clay and simple tools; paints and pigments are blended together to produce the required colors, like that of the skin. All are made to resist high temperatures. The process starts from when we mold the pieces, then we paint them, fire them, and at the end, just polish them.

"I've participated in several fairs and exhibitions, winning first and third prize in the 'Inti Raymi' Contest, 1993, and the second prize in the Credit Bank Contest, 1998. I hope my art will be promoted and appreciated abroad, not only for its commercial value, but also for its cultural background.""