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Artisan Organization: Achiote

Country: Central America

"We are Juan and Ana and we want to tell you a little more about us. We have supported fair trade in Guatemala since 2015, with the interest of providing development to rural communities, adding value in quality and design to handicrafts, and showing the world the beautiful country that is Guatemala. We use the name 'Achiote' for our project.

"We work with more than 50 artisans in seven different rural areas to provide materials for our products. We started by crafting rugs and we developed our own process to provide handmade fabrics with all the characteristics of a real carpet. This was an innovation and a great achievement in Latin America. Now our catalogs include different types of bags made of natural wool, cotton and recycled plastic. We also offer natural wool jackets, blankets, pillows and even chairs.

"Our designs are handwoven and made with cotton and leather - only high-quality products. All the details are carefully crafted and the materials are chosen to last long. We combine functionality, beautiful designs and innovation. We live and breathe the culture of innovation. That is why we continue to improve our methods and provide new products every season.

"We now have clients in the United States, Canada, Holland and Germany, and we are constantly working to expand our market around the world. Our goal is to create lasting relationships through honest and open communication. We are committed to providing our customers with innovation and high quality products, in order to grow and prosper together. We always seek to improve as a company and as humans.""