Wooden Frame From Turkey
Handmade Turkish Photo Frame
Turkish Wooden Frame
Handmade Wooden Frame From Turkey

Wooden Frame
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Handmade in Turkey. Fill with a happy photo. Station at your desk or work area. Take momentary wanders.


Country: Turkey

Wooden frame production is Celebi Erturk’s family business, and they’ve been at it for over 100 years, ever since his great-grandfather migrated to Istanbul from the poor, eastern city of Bagistas. Surely his great- grandfather would be happy to know that after all this time, Celebi’s generation has recently opened a showroom and begun exporting to neighboring countries.

Although Celebi’s business does not offer any formal training programs, he and his family make a point of giving a helping hand to individuals who wish to learn the craft. Currently, 50 craftsmen work in Celebi’s atelier. Soon, his sons will open their own ateliers, carrying their family lineage both forward in time and outward into the community as a resource for those seeking to learn a trade.

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