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White Wood Ornament Hanger - Chic Holidays
Chic Holidays
White Wood Ornament Hanger - Chic Holidays
White Wood Ornament Hanger - Chic Holidays
White Wood Ornament Hanger - Chic Holidays
Chic Holidays
White Wood Ornament Hanger - Chic Holidays
White Wood Ornament Hanger - Chic Holidays

White Wood Ornament Hanger - Chic Holidays

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Who needs a tree, anyway? Balinese artisan Komang Sri offers this chic way to hang your ornaments this holiday season. Beneath a star, five bars of painted white albesia wood are strung together on natural agel grass cord. This delightful ornament hanger can easily be displayed on any wall. For ornaments with cords, each bar can be untied at one side.

Please note: angel ornaments shown are not included.

  • Albesia wood, agel grass cord
  • 0.25 lbs
  • 39 inches H x 15.3 inches W x 1 inches D


Artisan Organization: Komang Sri

Country: Indonesia

"I was born in Ubud in 1977. I love my hometown! It's an ideal place for anyone seeking serenity and finding ideas. This Balinese town has beautiful terraced rice fields. The people here are famous for their beautiful art, such as exquisite wood carvings and traditional paintings.

"My father is a wood carver. He crafts items from scratch, proceeding from the raw log to an artistic sculpture.

"I'm the youngest of three children. After my father had crafted enough carvings, my late mother would sell them near tourist area or in the Sukawati art market. She took me everywhere with her when I was still a little girl.

"I started to work when I was 12, sanding, polishing and helping with other finishing work. Slowly I began learning the carving process until finally I was able to make my own sculptures.

"I'll always remember my mother bringing me to the market and peddling the handicrafts we make. Those memories give me spirit to continue what my parents did. They taught me to be a self-sufficient woman. I want to develop their workshop and introduce our carvings to shoppers worldwide.

"I'm a married woman and we have two sons. I need to work so I can help my husband, as we know today tuition and things are getting crazy expensive.

"As a Balinese woman, I learned to be diligent and creative by making ornaments for Hindu offerings, and our culture also taught make me about traditional dancing that I really like.

"I was once in a very difficult condition when I gave birth to my first son. I was in a coma. But because of God's help, my parent's prayers and the support of all my friends, I finally recovered. Having children is really important to us to continue our family and traditions. They also give me the spirit to be more careful with their future.

"Every effort leads to a result, every problem must be faced with peace. And don't forget to pray to the Creator so we can solve problems with serenity.

"I work with the help of my father and five helpers. The materials we use are coconut shell, bamboo and different kinds of wood, which we buy directly from the farmers. We work with manual tools, like hand saws, chisels, and tongues.""

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