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Undated Weekly Planner
Undated Weekly Planner
Undated Weekly Planner

Undated Weekly Planner

Stay organized with this weekly planner. The days are undated, so you can start using it any time!


*Due to the artisanal nature of this product, color and size may vary.


Artisan Organization: Marie Mae

Country: Rwanda

A stationery company, Marie Mae outsources design work as a way of supporting African artisan- entrepreneurs. Your planner was designed by Ewurama in Ghana. As a child, Ewurama made pictures from the terrazzo patterns in the floors of her home. Today, she is starting her own textile design company.

Meanwhile, in Rwanda, the Marie Mae Business school offers its students one hour of training per each product sold. One student, Xavera, dreams of becoming an independent businesswoman able to fund a complete education for her three children and see them, in turn, thrive professionally.

In the school, Xavera has developed the elusive and yet vital visionary qualities of the entrepreneur, such as the ability to identify hidden markets right under her nose. She and her coworkers soon plan to pitch local school leaders with the idea of their producing all local school uniforms for the next year. Pretty clever!

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