Cambodian Upcycled Container
Eco Friendly Container
Sustainable Container From Cambodia
Fair Trade Upcycled Container
Cambodian Fair Trade Container

Upcycled Container
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$ 10.00 (Get 4 for $20)

Use this upcycled container to clear up that cabinet under the sink or shelf in the garage by consolidating all your cleaning materials into this bright vessel. Or, use it as an indoor planter to bring some spring into the home!

Colors will vary.


Artisan Organization: Peace Handicrafts

Country: Cambodia

Ridiculed by her classmates for her inability to hear or speak, Chea Saron left primary school after just a few months, and was 18 before she learned to read, write, and speak sign language.

Having grown up on the outskirts of Phnom Penh where her family earned a living weaving doormats out of scrap fabric salvaged from garment factories, Chea went on to pursue formal training in sewing.

By 24 she was working as a full-fledged artisan with Peace Handicrafts, whose award-winning products are made from local hand-woven silks and recycled materials. Established in 2002, Peace Handicrafts provides training and employment opportunities to landmine victims, disabled persons, and the deaf.

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