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The Savour Box (for internal use only)
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$ 50.00

Inside the box:

  • Hand Painted Spoon Rest from Palestinian Territories
  • Salt & Pepper Shakers from Palestinian Territories
  • Wooden Spice Bowl from India
  • Sea Salt Basket OR Handwoven Palm Leaf Basket


It’s no wonder the sensual experience of letting something delicious melt into our tongues best teaches us what it’s like to enjoy something completely, to slow down enough so that the full range of its flavor palette stretches out and unfolds like tingly muscles after a night’s sleep. Indeed, when we savour, we are newcomers to the world again, our senses keen to receive.

Of course, savouring’s a two-way street—the food’s got to be good! The senses must be pleased!

The items in this zesty kit come from regions that were once hubs of the ancient spice trade. From Filipino salt and basketry, to Palestinian painting and ceramics, to Indian woodcarving, these items arrive with a message for the senses: to taste, see, and relish, to hear, touch, and twang, to sniff, zing, and essence—to mmmm.

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