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Internationally Made Picnic Supplies
Handmade Wood Travel Cutting Board
Fair Trade Picnic Blanket
Hand-painted Travel Cup From India
Palm Leaf Bottle Case
Artisan Made Picnic Supplies
Picnic Products
$ 60.00

Picnic Box

  • Peace Picnic Blanket
  • Wood Travel Cutting Board
  • Painted Travel Cup
  • Bottle Basket OR Palm Leave Basket

Colors may vary.

*Due to the artisanal nature of this product, color and size may vary.


Because there’s something about eating outside that makes each bite better, savory with a sense of abundance, adventure, and joie de vivre, with this box we invite you to take your victuals out to the yard, the park, or some special spot a hike away...

Sure, it can be kind of a thing to pack everything up and haul it out of the kitchen, but that’s just where the items in this kit come in. The Cambodian blanket, Indian travel cutting board, hand-painted travel cup, and Oaxacan palm leaf bottle basket are raring to go, ready to ensure that your dining al fresco is easy, fancy, and fun! Because that’s pretty much how we do things around here.

And so here’s to your arrival onto the blanket, surrounded by nothing but the breeze, the birds, good company—and cheese!