The Love Box

The Love Box

$ 50.00

Inside the box:

  • Hand-blown Wine Glasses from Mexico
  • Shibori Napkin Set from India
  • Soapstone Word Heart from Kenya
  • Soapstone Dish from Kenya
  • Organic Dark Chocolate from The Dominican Republic
  • Palm Leaf Heart Bowl from Mexico


This is the love box. Love is a box. Love is a box you are holding, a box you are opening. Love is an opening, a holding, is you. Love is a piece of chocolate broken off, a pile of sand blown into glass. Love is a wine, a quiet toast.

Love is a thoughtfully set table, a word of affirmation whispered softly to the self. Love is a napkin on the lap. Love is a woven bowl ready to be filled. Love is already.

In Kenya, the Caribbean, Mexico, and India, love is global and local at once. Love is an always bazaar, handmade and open to all, touching down wherever you are.

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