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Organic African Lotion
Fair Trade Soothing Lotion From Togo
Fair Trade Red Palm and Shea Lotion
$ 3.00

Shea & Red Palm Body Lotion

Soothe your skin with the unique properties of red palm oil. Completely unrefined, the oil retains all of its natural vitamins and antioxidants, including a rich store of pro-vitamin A.


Artisan Organization: Alaffia

Country: Togo

Sirina Izetou comes from a family of 17 children, only one whom has ever set foot in school. Desperate for work and with a limited skill set, Sirina sought recruitment with Alaffia and was accepted. After she sent a portion of her very first paycheck to him, Sirina’s father was incredulous, as well as tremendously grateful, for this company that would hire his uneducated daughter.

Alaffia dedicates itself to alleviating the conditions of extreme poverty in rural Togo and to ensuring that all profits made from African resources benefit the African people. All Alaffia programming is funded by the profits made from products like this body lotion.

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