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Sari Fabric Wraps
Sari Fabric Wraps
Sari Fabric Wraps
Sari Fabric Wraps
Sari Fabric Wraps
Sari Fabric Wraps
Sari Fabric Wraps
Sari Fabric Wraps

Sari Fabric Wraps

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Fabric Wrap was used in Asia for centuries as an elegant custom, transforming a gift into an exceptional keepsake. This set of 6 eco-chic wraps are handcrafted from upcycled Indian saris. There are multiple tape-free ways to wrap with these 35" squares, and the upcycled nature of this product means no 2 squares are alike. The beautiful nature of Indian textiles may even leave you inspired to accessorize with the squares as scarves, or bandanas! 

*Due to the upcycled nature of this product, your shipment is assorted. We cannot guarantee you will receive any particular colors.


Measurements: 35" x 35"

Materials: Upcycled Indian Textiles

Suggested Use: Lay out as a mini table runner under a centerpiece, reappropriate as a party-favor wrapping paper substitute, or tie together from corner to corner to make a DIY garland! You can even dress-it-up and wear as a flouncy necktie to accent any party-time outfit. 

To use as for a basic wrap: Open fabric in diamond shape on flat surface. Place gift in center. Tie opposite sides in double knots. Fabric will conform tightly as knots form a bow

Country of Origin: India

Care Instructions: Machine wash with like colors, gentle cycle.

* Due to the artisanal nature of this product, color and size may vary.

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