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Peacock Eyeglass Holder
Peacock Eyeglass Holder
$ 28.00

Peacock Eyeglass Holder

Our popular eyeglass holder in a playful peacock shape! Place glasses over our friendly little peacocks eyes and secure in notch for stylish safekeeping. Hand-carved from sustainable Indian Rosewood.


Artisan Organization: Matr Boomie

Country: India

In villages of north central India, woodcarving is a way of life with Muslim roots. And yet, many artisans such as Mohammad Afzal wish for their children to abandon the tradition for something more profitable.

Organizations like Matr Boomie that pay fair trade prices while investing in artisan health and wellness (such as by providing face masks to prevent dust inhalation) make it more likely that artisans will consider the work beneficial enough to pass on to their children.