Palm Leaf Placemat - Pink (Set of 4)

Your palm leaf placemats are the newest innovation in palm leaf craft coming from our weaver friends in Oaxaca. Use during meals for crumb management or in between meals as table-at-rest decor. Not into the placemat idea? Hang them up or decorate your end tables.

Meet Alejandro Lucas, who learned to weave from his mother as a child, and who is now using the craft to make a place for his family in the world. Alejandro is now working toward his dream of using the money he makes with GlobeIn to purchase land and build a safe home for his wife Blanca and their two kids.

Measurements: 12”

Materials: Palm Leaf.

30-day Satisfaction guarantee with Money Back

*Due to the artisanal nature of this product, color and size may vary.