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Handblown Glass Mug
Handblown Glass Mug
Handblown Glass Mug
Handblown Glass Mug
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Handblown Glass Mug

When it comes to drinking vessels, a different shape is a whole different vibe. Your glass mug, for example, is a world away from a wine glass—although filling it with wine is obviously a fine idea. Mugs, of course, are not usually glass, and that makes this piece rather unique. Less dainty than the wine glass, your mug calls to mind the kingliness of a goblet, but with an informal air that says couch much more than throne.

    Measurements: 20 oz.

    Because this is a handmade item, size and weight may vary.

    Materials: Recycled glass

    Care instructions: Handwash only. Cold liquids only. No hot liquids.

    *Due to the artisanal nature of this product, color and size may vary.


    Artisan Organization: Cristaluc

    Country: Mexico

    Few artforms will put you in as much awe at earth’s materials and their chemical processes as hand blown glass. What was once a hot and incoherent blob is now a cool and smooth new drinking vessel.

    It takes a talented artisan indeed to form molten glass into elegant, coherent shapes. Many such artisans live in the city of Tonalá in the Mexican state of Jalisco, a handicraft hub, especially of pottery and glass.

    Dedicated to preserving this artform, Cristaluc was established in 2001 and today employs 40 local artisans. The company provides its artisans a steady income and a supportive and inspiring space to practice their art. The process of making your new glass involved 8 to 14 glassmakers working as team.

    Despite its hot and blob-like beginnings, we hope this vessel brings you (or your flowers) some cool, clarifying moments.

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