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Day of the Dead Wall Art - El Catrin
El Catrin
Day of the Dead Wall Art - El Catrin
Day of the Dead Wall Art - El Catrin
Day of the Dead Wall Art - El Catrin
Day of the Dead Wall Art - El Catrin
Day of the Dead Wall Art - El Catrin
El Catrin
Day of the Dead Wall Art - El Catrin
Day of the Dead Wall Art - El Catrin
Day of the Dead Wall Art - El Catrin
Day of the Dead Wall Art - El Catrin

Day of the Dead Wall Art - El Catrin

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Bearing gifts, a dapper catrin greets you in this original wall accent from Rocio Pindter in Mexico. The image is designed like a loteria (a Mexican game rather like bingo) card, and set in a florid hand painted tin frame with a glass pane.

The original 'La Calavera Catrina' was a zinc etching created by the artist José Guadalupe Posada in Mexico around 1910. Posada created the character, a female skeleton with an elegant hat, as a satirical portrait of Mexican natives who aspired to European style and denied their own heritage. The catrina/catrin has since become an emblem of Mexico's Day of the Dead celebration and a popular folk art subject.

  • Tin, paper, glass
  • 0.18 kg
  • 22 cm H x 10 cm W x 5.5 cm D


Artisan Organization: Rocio Pindter

Country: Mexico

"Mexico's folklore, traditions and fiestas are wonderful. They inspire me, as an artisan. My love for our colorful and emblematic handicrafts arose from walking down our cobblestone streets and lanes, those little corners of town filled with history and folklore.

"I've always liked painting, but I realized it was better to create small handicrafts so that people could take something of my beautiful hometown with them when they visit. In this way, San Miguel de Allende can travel to other parts of the world!

"My town is a place of Mexican enchantment — of history, dance and so much tradition. And this is how some of my designs were born, thanks to the inspiration of the world's most beautiful little city. For example, the Heart Aflame is typical of Mexico and emblematic in San Miguel. We have them in tin, wood, ceramics and other materials. I use wood for mine. I paint them by hand and decorate them with motifs as different and colorful as our Mexican culture.

"I love my country's culture. I love all our traditions and our fiestas, such as the Day of the Dead when we remember our loved ones with deep affection. I convey this tradition through designs alluding to these traditions, like La Catrina. She was created by the renowned illustrator, lithographer and caricaturist, Jose Guadalupe Posada, famous for his work on Mexican society in the early 1900s. I depict them in many different and vibrant colors, and this brings them to life again. Another icon is the beloved Virgin of Guadalupe, widely recognized and deeply rooted in Mexican culture.

"I've been developing, creating and perfecting décor designs, and working in different techniques since I was a girl. I always enjoy what I do. I like to transmit positive energy through my work. And I like my work to tell you something, remind you of someone, take you through the history of the culture where I grew up and the majesty of the place that saw my art come to life.

"I want each of my designs to carry the person who owns it to these cobbled streets filled with colors, to those little houses where such warm people live. But, above all, I want or traditions to be reflected in my artwork. This is why I fill them with symbolism, with beliefs, with roots and with contrasts.""

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