Mexican Made Basket
Tigre Handwoven Basket
Tigre Handwoven Basket
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Handmade Mexican Container
Fair Trade Multi-Use Basket
All Natural Basket
Palm Leaf Mexican Basket
Handwoven Mexican Basket

Tigre Handwoven Basket

$ 12.00 (Get 3 for $30)

Perfect for gift packaging!

These decorative and whimsical baskets make beautiful home storage options, lending a pop of color and handcrafted warmth to children’s bedrooms, bathroom storage, or kitchen countertops. Baskets measure 6" diameter x 5" tall.


Country: Mexico

For the people of the Mixteca region of Mexico, basket-weaving is a way of life that also sustains life. With a dexterity passed down through generations, ancestry come to life in the tireless work of fingers, the weavers weave palms into vibrant, multi-colored baskets. On the outskirts of Oaxaca City, Doña Martina Garcia and her group of eight artisan basket weavers produce roughly 700 baskets per month.

For each artisan involved, basket-weaving means a stable monthly income used for building a house, starting a small business, or purchasing food and medicine. For Doña Martina (pictured left), her steady sales through GlobeIn have meant being able to spend more time at home, where she can work on her baskets while taking care of her children. Recently, she sold her stall in the Oaxaca Crafts Market, where she had been selling for ten years, and has dedicated herself and her small team to working entirely for GlobeIn.

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