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Foldover Clutch
Foldover Clutch
Foldover Clutch
Foldover Clutch
$ 25.00

$ 40.00

Foldover Clutch

Stash your essentials and carry them fashionably off to your evening destination with this embroidered foldover clutch.


Artisan Organization: Tribe Alive

Country: India

Established by Jyoti Parnami in Jaipur, India in 2002, Seen Unseen began as a small team of embroiderers and tailors bringing to life Jyoti’s childhood dream of working at the intersection of art and fashion. Today, her workshop employs 15 full-time staff members and 20 artisans working to grace the world of textile with all that is India in color, design, and handiwork.

Jyoti’s strength lies in identifying people’s skill sets and motivating them to turn their abilities into employment. The “Pattern Master” behind your new piece’s bold geometry is Mohan Lal, the soul of creativity for Seen Unseen, and with the workshop since its inception. A result of Mohan’s and Jyoti’s shared vision, your new clutch adds an accent of Jaipur-inspired patterns and craftsmanship to any outfit.

India Handbag Clutch

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