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Fair Trade Cleaning Product
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Fair Trade Surface Cleaner

It feels good to make the eco-friendly choice off the cleaning product shelf, but it can feel not so good to discover the old toxic ingredients did a better job. The makers of this surface cleaner are on a mission to ensure that’s not the case, using palm and coconut oil make a tough solution with a fresh lemony scent.

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Artisan Organization: Traidcraft

Country: Ghana/India

Pioneers in the Fair Trade movement, Traidcraft blends palm and coconut oil to create a fierce cleaning product that is nonetheless biodegradable and hypoallergenic, and that supports the existence of subsistence farmers in Ghana and India.

The palm and coconut oil responsible for this natural cleaning alchemy are sourced from small-scale farming alliances in Ghana and India, respectively. In India, Fair Trade Kerala, or FTAK, pays its farmers reliable rates for their crops, shielding them from market fluctuations. For one such farmer, Thomas, this has meant stability for his family, including the ability to educate his three children.