Eye Mask - Pepper
Eye Mask - Pepper

Eye Mask - Pepper

Five more minutes is what you will be wanting with this silky bamboo goodness.

Crafted from 100% Organic Bamboo Lyocell fabric, this incredibly soft and lightly cushioned sleep mask sits softly against your face to block out light for uninterrupted rest. The hypoallergenic and breathable fabric will also keep your eyes cool without irritating your skin and rubbing your eyelashes.

This screen printed eye mask is machine washable and an eco-friendly. A vegan alternative to silk eye mask. Also, 413 gal. of water saved compared to cotton!


Materials: 100% Organic Bamboo Lyocell in 300 thread count, equals to 1000 cotton thread count. Oeko-Tex® certified.

Country of Origin: Ethically made in China.

*Due to the artisanal nature of this product, color and size may vary.