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Fair Trade Honduran Ring

Duo Ring
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$ 25.00

Made of brass. Adjustable to fit any size.

Care instructions: To keep your ring shiny, periodically soak it in a mixture of water and lemon juice for five minutes, then rinse thoroughly and dry.


Artisan Organization: Tribe Alive 

Country: Honduras

This ring was fashioned by one of Mi Esperanza’s most high-level jewelry-makers, Sulema. But just a year ago, Sulema was an unemployed seamstress who had never cut metal in her life. Given the opportunity to participate in a large Tribe Alive jewelry production, Sulema forged a formative new notch in her artisan belt.

Soon she won’t be the only one in her family with a diverse skill set. Thanks to her new income, and her belief in a bilingual education, Sulema has recently enrolled her children in a first-rate school where they are learning English.


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