Dreamcatcher - Moon Phase

As the moon recedes, withdraws, and renews each month, so do we. We travel across different emotional states the same way the moon travels around the Earth. Let our Moon Phase Dreamcatcher bring awareness of these natural rythms to your life. During the day, enjoy clarifying prisms reflecting through the crystal ball; at night bask in the sweetest of dreams.


Measurements: 32" H x 10" W

Materials: Ethically hand made in Nepal using 95% natural materials. They are made using natural cane and woven with a long-lasting wax covered thread. Wrapped and braided with sustainably sourced cotton and wool fibers and decorated with beautiful stones, beads, seeds, and crystals.

Country of Origin: Nepal

*Due to the artisanal nature of this product, color and size may vary.


Artisan Organization: dZi Handmade

Countries: Tibet, India, and Nepal

For over 25 years, dZi has worked directly with over 1,000 Tibetan, Indian and Nepalese artisans to create, import and market designs that celebrate the beauty of the natural world and the amazing culture of Tibet.
As a founding member of the Fair Trade Federation, dZi strives to create ethical business relationships to promote better wages and working conditions for the artisans and people who produce and manage the production of our products.




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