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Small Handmade Mexican Bowl
Handwoven Small Bowl
Artisan Made Bowl
Small Mexican Handwoven Bowl
Small Fair Trade Bowl From Mexico

Handwoven Bowl - Small

Add color and order to your bureau – use your bowl as a repository for everyday accessories such as jewelry, watches, hair clips, wallets, chapstick, etc.

Measurements: 6" diameter. 

*Due to the artisanal nature of this product, color and size may vary.


Artisan Organization: Makaua

Country: Mexico

This basket is the result of a people tied tightly to a sense of place marrying their innate creativity to nature’s offerings. In the southern mountains of Mexico, this offering is palm, a resource used by the people of the region for centuries. Palm is an incredible natural fiber, flexible enough to weave into intricate designs while still durable and long-lasting.

Makaua artisans combine skills inherited from ancestors with their own individual creative visions. Don Migue, 49, is considered to be the most talented artisan in the community. He produces all Makua items and also develops new and complex designs. Largely self-taught, Don Migue’s philosophy is—if it doesn’t work, try again and again until it’s perfect.