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Iron Figurine - Circus Frog
Circus Frog
Iron Figurine - Circus Frog
Iron Figurine - Circus Frog
Iron Figurine - Circus Frog
Iron Figurine - Circus Frog
Circus Frog
Iron Figurine - Circus Frog
Iron Figurine - Circus Frog
Iron Figurine - Circus Frog

Iron Figurine - Circus Frog

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This frog charmingly balancing on the monocycle while holding an umbrella will be the star of any circus and any space. Balinese artisan Ketut Parwati designs the figurine from wrought iron which is later hand-painted with the loveliest colors to brighten up your home.

  • Wrought iron
  • 0.18 lbs
  • 8.3 inches H x 3.9 inches W x 4.3 inches D


Artisan Organization: Ketut Parwati

Country: Indonesia

β€œMy name is Ketut Parwati; I was born in 1976. I am the 4th child of 5 siblings. My hometown is Gianyar. The city of Gianyar is famous for its arts. Seeing and doing activities in the art environment made me fall in love with the world of art. My interest in the world of art emerged without the encouragement of others. I started a craft business a long time ago; it all started with the desire to have my own business. I wanted to find out what opportunities I could pursue using my artistic abilities.

β€œAfter getting married and having children, I became more serious in the craft business because of the higher economic demands. I have one daughter and one son who help me run this craft business. The iron crafts that I make are in great demand by foreign tourists. I am able to develop designs and ideas to be more creative and competitive. The iron plate is actually a material that is quite unique and interesting to form in various ways. Using simple materials combined with interesting coloring techniques make this iron craft very attractive.

β€œI work assisted by 6 workers, who are all women. They help me check and sort out the goods to be sent to the customer. I divide their tasks based on their abilities. Customer satisfaction and their desire to order products from me again is the highest satisfaction I feel while working.

β€œI heard information about Novica from a friend who is also a Novica artisan. I hope that this collaboration will make this craft better known and marketed to a wider scope.”"

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