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Ceramic Mezze Plate

Perfect for serving hummus, babaganoush, salsa, or other chips and dip regulars.  Complete with 5 sectionals. Handmade in the Palestinian territories.

Measurements: 9" Diameter x 1" Tall

Materials: Ceramic

*Due to the artisanal nature of this product, color and size may vary.


Artisan Organization: Hebron Glass

Country: Palestinian Territories  

Abd Jabari is a painter with Hebron Glass, a family company of glass and ceramic handicraft employing 60 artisans in the ancient city of Hebron. Lying on a pilgrimage route connecting Jerusalem to Makkah, Hebron has since ancient times been both a commercial hub and a city of great religious importance for Jews, Muslims, and Christians.

Tucked into a poor quarter of this oldest of cities, Abd paints the antique floral pattern onto ceramic shapes, making a living in this quiet, most ancient of ways. He sees his art as a way of painting Palestinian culture into the future.

The ornate floral design is an aesthetic staple of Palestinian heritage, curlicuing its way through mosques, homes, clothing—and many thousands of years.