Batch One Bitters

Batch One Bitters

Batch One is the first flavor idea created by Bitter Girl Bitters. This flavor started in a kitchen, with homegrown pomegranates; tangerines as a regular snack; and a family with an addiction to homemade whip cream with vanilla. These flavors developed into Batch One. We use what is local and what is seasonal. This makes every batch that we bottle a little bit different. The pomegranates still fall from the family tree, and since our love for vanilla will never change, we use only organic beans sourced by local companies. This flavor stands its ground with whiskey, a touch of sugar, and an orange peel.

Handmade in California.

Ingredients: Organic and locally grown Oranges, Tangerines, Vanilla Beans, Pomegranates, Cinnamon, Cassia Bark, Bittering Agents, Spices, & Sugar

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*Due to the artisanal nature of this product, color and size may vary.