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Adventure Box
Adventure Box
Adventure Box
Adventure Box
Adventure Box

Adventure Box
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$ 60.00

Inside the box:

  • Hand Painted Enamel Mug from India
  • Block Printed Bandana from India
  • Organic Cotton Socks with 100% of organic cotton sourced from farmers internationally and made in the USA
  • Drawstring Backpack from Kenya


Artisan Organization: Maggie's Organics

Country: Peru

Maggie's is directly involved with their cotton farmers, defining fair trade as sharing risks and staying the course with cooperative farmers. Recently, climate change has led to necessary changes in policies and procurement.

Since 2007, the organic cotton in every pair of Maggie’s socks has been sourced from over 2,000 cooperative farmers in Nicaragua. Maggie's prepaid these farmers $400 each June for every 1000 lbs. of organic cotton we need for the following year. Our investments cover approximately half of the farmers’ annual cultivation costs. In December when the crop was harvested, Maggie’s paid the entire balance, at prices often higher than the established fair trade price.

Sadly, as of 2017 Maggie's Nicaraguan farmers have lost their cotton crop to unpredictable weather patterns due to climate change.

They are now working to purchase organic cotton for our socks from Peru farmers, who have also experienced many weather-related problems.

Maggie's cotton is GOTS certified.

organic cotton

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