Woven Jewelry Pouch

Artisan Organization: Maya Traditions

Country: Guatemala 

Your brass jewelry is best kept stored in a dry, sealed place. Luckily, we’ve got you totally covered with your new Maya Traditions hand-woven pouch complete with interior lining to treat your jewelry well.

Having learned the art of Mayan backstrap weaving at the age of ten as a means of helping her parents pay the bills, Cecilia could never have known that as an adult she would be fully supporting her own family through this trade, even weaving for multiple U.S. brands. Today she is one of Maya Traditions’ most in demand artisans.

Cecilia sees weaving as a way to leave a mark on her family, community, and culture, and plans to pass the art form on to her three children. Her strong, calm spirit is evident in the threaded handiwork forming your pouch’s vibrant Mayan designs.