Wander Box

This box invites you to wander. Find a fresh patch of grass, a favorite park bench or a seldom-used foot path. Bring along your travel journal to record meandering thoughts. And free your muse with a bit of easy, on-the-go journaling.

It doesn’t matter how wide you wander. What matters is that you make the effort to make the most of every day. Your box makes it easier to do just that.

From the highlands of Sri Lanka, your drawstring backpack makes it a cinch to get out the door and explore. Easily pack the essentials – like your shea butter bug repellent and moringa energy bar – and wander into a world of insightful wonder.

No matter where you wander, we want to inspire you to ponder your surroundings. Take a breath and unlock the out of doors. Most importantly, remember that the best parts of the world (love, peace and appreciation) are everywhere accessible. Happy meandering!



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