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Tribe Alive Beaded Necklace

Artisan Organization: Tribe Alive

Country: Honduras 

Tribe Alive is an ethical fashion company that believes there is nothing more stylish than giving back. To complete the order for your handcrafted, beaded tassel necklace, Tribe Alive commissioned twenty female artisans in Santa Ana, Honduras for whom the job provided three full weeks of wages, amounting to several months of living expenses.

Ondina is a Honduran jewelry artisan who began working with Tribe Alive earlier this year. An older woman with poor eyesight, Ondina had not been employed for years and had never made jewelry before. Tribe Alive took her on and tactfully trained her within her range of capability.

For Ondina, quite simply, the new work means being able to buy food for her family. Having fully embraced her new task of cutting and gluing thread for necklaces and bracelets, she now proclaims that she does it in her sleep!