The Village Experience Wood Spice Bowl

Artisan Organization: The Village Experience 

Country: India

Your new spice bowl hails from India, heart of the ancient spice trade, famous for those exotic fires—ginger, cinnamon, and turmeric. These days, The Village Experience seeks to tap into contemporary avenues of international trade as a means of uplifting impoverished communities and especially women in the developing world.

Rabindranath and his wife Nila are two artisans at the helm of the West Bengal woodcarving community that fashioned your new bowl. Situated in a low-lying delta, this largely agricultural region has been hit hard by climate change. Traditional woodworking skills have become more important than ever in supplying vital income. By working with The Village Experience, and specifically as a result of GlobeIn’s large order, this community has seen a 23% increase in revenue over the past year.



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