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The Umoja Group Greeting Cards (Set of 3)

Artisan Organization: The Umoja Group

Country: Malawi

The thought of living for decades as a disabled person in a refugee camp is unlikely to conjure a celebratory mood, so it seems a great irony that people living in such conditions create festive greeting cards for spreading cheer between you and your loved ones.

The Umoja Group is an association of people with disabilities living as refugees at the Dzaleka Refugee Camp in Malawi. And the fact is, they do have something to celebrate—their own resilience. Your cards are made out of recycled, handmade paper and repurposed African textiles whose vibrant colors represent the fierceness of spirit required to kindle new hope out of the rubble of displacement and poverty.

Let their brightness bestow a blessing on your own cheer, and vice versa — Umoja members voluntarily set aside 10% of their income to build homes for other disabled refugees in the camp.